Thursday, May 26, 2011

That defining moment

Excluding religious illusions, there are very few incidents of man possessing the ability to be completely sure of anything in his/her life. On average, a human being will have three of these experiences. That one defining moment when you're stirred from your apathetic slumber, and awaken to see a simple solution for all of your life's problems. That moment when you realize you were never really apathetic, but lulled into a constant state of boredom by your circumstantial lifestyle.

You promise yourself that night, "Tomorrow is going to be different. No longer shall I stand idly by and wait for the answers to come to me. I'm going to go out and grab life by the balls."

You awaken the next morning with a stiff back to the shrill sounds of the buzzer, announcing itself every morning as a reminder of how truly mundane we are. That burning passion to change the world, or at least the way you perceive it, is gone. You slept through a good ten minutes of your alarm, giving you just enough time to shovel whatever you're passing off as a meal down your throat. The revolutionary of yesterday is buried deep inside a shell of consumerism and corporate slavery. The need to get on with your life is quelled by the need to get on with wasting it. Pawns is all we are.