Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't Go Outside

I believe it was the winter of '08, or possibly '09, somewhere between graduating high school and screwing around for 2 years before college. There was a weather advisory telling people to stay indoors, the snow was reaching a foot or so, and the temperature was at least negative twenty fahrenheit. There was the three of us, Brett, Izzy and myself, tromping through the snow in worn sneakers and torn hoodies. How we made it the mile through the woods, I'm unsure. The liquor kept us warm, but has since wiped that section of the trip clear from my memory.

As we strolled through the mall parking lot, we noticed the security entrance, stuck open by a mound of snow. At this point, any source of warmth was welcoming. A feeling of relaxation came over me, walking through the mall at 2 in the morning, surrounded by emptiness and closed stores. By the time we made it to the other side of the mall, still wet around the ankles, we came out satisfied with that brief period of warmth. This made the last mile or two of our trip much less taxing, however the feeling of relief upon arrival changed very little.

I guess this is one of those few times you hear about innocent breaking and entering, also one of the few times it has had a good outcome. There isn't really much of a message or any morals to this story, just an event that poked its head from my subconscious and ended up here.


  1. accidental breaking and entering...wanna hear that 1! :)

  2. I hate when someone tells me it's too cold to go outside.. that's when I usually go outside for a walk in a snow.. but I do that with everything in my life actually.. you tell me I can't do it? I will prove you wrong

  3. interesting story, although theres no snow where i live