Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easy Mothers Day Solution

We all know the story. Mothers day rolls around and you're completely broke. Your cell phone bill, car insurance, and mortgage all hit at once, and that ungrateful woman is still expecting hand-outs. You could spend $6 on a cheesy card that will end up in the trash, or you can invest a few minutes of your time into something she'll actually appreciate.

Gardens, women love them. But don't end up another chump standing in line the day before mothers day to buy the same bouquet of flowers the last idiot bought. Pick something useful, something you can put in food or use as a spice.

I chose tomatoes.

A bag with 20 or 30 organic seeds runs as low as $2.00, considerably less than you'll spend on some shitty flowers that will die in a day. Unless you've upgraded to a freezer that makes them for you, you've probably got a few hundred ice cube trays laying around. And I'm guessing this is the case, since your broke ass can't even afford a decent present for your mother.  These are great for seedlings to start off before you plant them outside.

All-in-all you might end up spending $10 if you include the cheap little plastic pots to put the seedlings in.

Also it helps if she has a greenhouse. 

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  1. nice idea, ill try this out, see how she likes it!