Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A rarity amongst the wave of ferocity

Very few times have I come across a genuinely good man. Our desensitized youth ever cautious of their own desires often overlook the reality surrounding them. I believe I may have met this man. Vulgar and disrespectful as he may be, there is a certain caring feature about him that sets him apart from the rest. We meet up for coffee and cigarettes, the usual wind-down concoction after work is through. There in the coffee shop is a man sitting quietly in the corner, bundled up in last seasons red cross clothing. People come and go, paying no mind to him, while he gives them the same level of respect.

My companion offers the man a cup of coffee and something to eat, as customers all through the store seem surprised we would even associate with such a man. We sat, we listened to his story, and the mood grew somber. The man was no drug addict, nor an alcoholic. He was a regular man that had lost everything.

That night I sat and watched him buy 3 homeless people coffee, offer his coat to one, and chain smoke half a pack with another. What a guy.

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